Download Pegasus Device - SlyphStorm

Download SFM| The Terrible Fate | SlyphStorm (MLP/CreepyPasta song) - Pegasus Device

Download Neverending Strife - SlyphStorm (redux)

Download (FNAF2 Song) Behind the Mask - SlyphStorm & TIFWhitney

Download Spirits - SlyphStorm ft. Decibelle

Download Soldiers of the Night - SlyphStorm (ft. 4EverfreeBrony & Midnight Melody)

Download SlyphStorm vs Forest Rain: Duelling DAWs

Download Octavia's Overture - SlyphStorm (reimagining The Living Tombstone)

Download Castle of Shadows - SlyphStorm

Download Nightmare Night - SlyphStorm (covering Glaze and Mic the Mic)

Download Through Sombra's Door - SlyphStorm (covering AwkwardMarina)

Download Sinking Ships - SlyphStorm (covering FiMFlamFilosophy)


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